Green Tea Ginger 15 cup Jar


Do you want to experience an adrenaline rush in your body by sipping tea? We have created an exciting and invigorating fusion of two of the world’s best ingredients- Spicy, Warming Ginger with a bright, zesty taste of lemons. Taste our lemon ginger green tea to boost your immunity & recharge your energy levels. Gruner Green Tea is a completely natural and unprocessed green tea that guarantees the highest amount of natural antioxidants and flavonoids, along with over 100+ health benefits. As a highly concentrated source of antioxidant compounds, this loose leaf tea is known to increase immunity and aid in detoxification. The tea is sourced from premium, certified organic, high-elevation plantations, ensuring it is completely pesticide-free and garden-fresh. Additionally, it contains an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy and beneficial addition to any diet.

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